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Posted on 01-15-2014

This time of year everyone is making a New Year's resolution or as my son likes to say a "revolution"!  While I laughed when he said it, depending on what resolution you make, it could be a revolution on your body.  After the holidays of most people decide they are going to lose weight, exercise more, or just get healthy.  But it can be discouraging for many people when they don't get very far as quickly as they had hoped and then they give up.  If you are one of those people, tired of making goals and then not sticking to them, some of these tips may be helpful.

Be realistic.  Start by coming up with realistic goals for the year.  Making a pledge to lose 50 pounds in three months, may not be realistic.  Instead, make a goal to increase your water intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, walk three times per week, or even just cut back on an unhealthy habit like drinking soda.

Start right away.  Make a list of what you hope to achieve in 2014.  But instead of just listing your resolutions, include how you plan to make it happen.  Put your action in motion.  Starting slow and steady helps you stick to those resolutions.  That turtle always wins that race!

Avoid doing too much.  Multi-tasking is a good skill to learn and it helps you accomplish more, even with minimal time and resources.  But there comes a point when you may be attempting to do too much.  You can get overwhelmed, become stressed, and then just give up out of sheer frustration.  Try focusing on one thing at a time before changing everything all at once.

Improve physical health.  If improving your physical health, is important for 2014, consider getting chiropractic care regularly.  Chiropractic care can help you rebalance you body's nervous system, and improve just about every part of your body!  This is a great start and basis for improving your overall physical health and well being.

Pamper yourself.  Reward yourself for sticking to your resolutions, whether it is a day of shopping or an hour long therapeutic massage.  These small things can have a large impact in your confidence and energy.  This will help you reach your goals.

Remember to set realistic goals and focus on health benefits. Good health and wellness can positively impact so many areas of you life!

Yours in Health,

Melissa Tobin D.C.

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